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Sworn Translation MADE Affordable

Do you need a certified translation of your document to support an immigration, visa, passport or professional application?

With Police Clear you’ll have professional certified sworn translator at your service, with fast turnaround, affordable prices and excellent customer service.

All our trusted Translators are SATI accredited and sworn in in the High Court in South Africa.

What are sworn translations?

A sworn translation is a translation performed by a sworn translator, that is to say, a person who is “certified” by the High Court of South Africa and is listed in the register of certified translators and interpreters.

A sworn translation of a document is the legal equivalent of the original document which is officially recognised and accepted for evidentiary purposes in a court of law or formal procedures, which fulfils the requirements in the country in question.

Sworn translators/interpreters can certify, through their signature and corresponding stamp, that their actions are faithful and accurate, using the formula designed to that end by the ministerial department.

How we can help you?

We don’t believe in delivering rushed translations where there is no brief or discussion about the project outcomes.

We invest all our skills, expertise and knowledge to get you the best possible outcomes. On time and on budget.

Our specialist translators hold the highest accreditations and have backgrounds in production, design, engineering, medicine, law, education and other professions, to deliver even greater certainty on translation projects.

Our established Translation Management System is trusted by clients including South Africa’s national broadcasters, Local and Provincial government departments, public institutions and large corporate organisations.

If you would like to learn more about our Sworn Translation services and how we can help your organisation, contact us by phone or email – or Request a quote below.

Why our clients love working with us
  • 100% quality guarantee
  • Culturally appropriate
  • Carefully vetted translators and interpreters
  • Consistent quality across all languages
  • Rapid turnaround and 365-day availability
  • Experts in clear communication
  • 70+ languages
  • Fully transparent process
How we work

When you work with Police Clear, we guide you through the translations process and partner with you to explain each step of our process, which is briefly outlined below along with our frequently asked questions.

  1. Pre-translation

This is the coffee-drinking stage and interrogation time. We will discuss your requirements and come up with an action plan. It’s a two-way conversation about anything and everything that will happen, what you value the most and what we can’t work without.

  1. Translation

For the smallest projects, we follow a minimum of seven non-negotiable steps. From preparation of source files, to briefing of translators, not forgetting formatting and desktop publishing, if required.

  1. Quality assurance and delivery

Comprehensive quality control procedures are in place in all of our translation projects. Once the translations satisfy all our quality steps, we prepare and send you the final translation package on or before the agreed deadline.

Enquire Now

    We DO NOT offer jobs, nor can we assist you in procuring a job at the South African Police Service.


    Do you offer quality review services for existing translations?

    Yes, we do, we can audit your existing translations to guarantee:

    • Accuracy
    • Readability
    • Cultural appropriateness
    • Accessibility

    I need translations, how do I get the process started?

    Send us an email to info@policeclear.co.za, an online enquiry or call us on 021 462 8203.

    We will discuss the details of your project and design a workflow that will ensure you get fit for purpose translations.

    How many languages do you translate?

    Any language, as long as we can guarantee that we can meet the quality standards that we stand by.

    How quickly can you get my translations done?

    Tell us how quickly you need it, and we’ll tell you whether a translator can possibly meet your deadline without compromising on quality. We can turn around translations very quickly as long as we have a suitable translator that can meet the deadline.

    I received the translations, what happens if there is a mistake?

    Given our strict quality control procedures, it is unlikely this will happen. But if you have concerns, our translation services include post-delivery support. That means that we will be there for you if you ever have any questions or concerns about your translations.