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Criminal Record Expungement

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Do you have a Criminal History, and want to make a fresh start? Has it been 10 Years or more since your minor criminal conviction? Our Criminal Record Expungement process can help you do just that, Give us a call today.


Let’s face it, finding a job in South Africa (and overseas) is extremely difficult, and it becomes almost impossible to do so if you have a criminal record, it can even affect your international travel plans, and the ability to coach your kid’s rugby team.

If you’ve been convicted of a criminal offence, you will usually have an accompanying criminal record. One can obtain a criminal record for drunk driving, for reckless driving and endangerment, shoplifting, or even something as simple as saying something that could be seen as defamation of character.

This can cause a variety of problems, many of which can rear their head at unfortunate times.

Can you clear your Criminal Record?

Yes, with the help of Police Clear you can an expunge (remove) your criminal record affordably.

Criminal record clearance in South Africa is, however, dependent on a few qualifying factors:

  • 10 years (or more) must have passed since your initial conviction, and there has been no subsequent conviction(s)
  • You were convicted for a minor offence, such as petty theft, shoplifting and fraud, etc.
  • You were sentenced to pay a fine that doesn’t exceed R20 000.
  • You were advised that paying a fine would not result in a criminal record but have subsequently discovered the existence of your criminal record.

Please note: if you were convicted for crimes of a serious nature, for example, murder or any sexual offences, you do not qualify for criminal record expungement.

How do you Expunge your Criminal record?

The process of getting a criminal record expunged is intricate (and tedious) and requires a great deal of planning, not to mention a whole lot of paperwork and lots of patience as the process can take months!

Or you can let Police Clear take care of the entire criminal record expungement application process on your behalf.

Get started on the road to a record-free life today  - call us on 021 462 8203 or fill in the contact from below.

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