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Police Clearance Certificates

What is a South African Police Clearance Certificate?
Also known as PCC, Police Clearance, Arrest Record, Certificate of Good Conduct and Criminal Record, a police clearance certificate is an A4 certificate issued by the Criminal Record Centre of the South African Police Service (SAPS). These certificates are official documents issued as a result of a background check by SAPS declaring that a criminal record is either absent or present. These records my may include arrest, conviction, and possibly criminal proceedings.

Document Attestation

What is the general procedure for stamping documents?

Understanding the requirements of the country you wish to travel to. Do you require apostille or attestation?

Documents needing to be attested will be sent directly to the Embassy of the country you wish to travel to. Middle Eastern embassies provide stamps and authentication that are higher than the Notary Public, High Court, Department of Basic & Higher Education, HPCSA and DIRCO.

Documents needing apostille will be sent to the relative offices for stamping/authentication. This will add to your processing timeline.